During October 2014, we are offering $5 off all fecal exams.

Dog with ParasitesCats and dogs are not just our pets, they are treated like members of the family and like any member of your family, it's important to keep them healthy and free of parasites.

Monitoring for any changes in behavior, appetite, or water consumption and regular visits to your veterinarian are important to the care and well-being of your pet, but also the safety of you and your family.

It is fairly common for a dog or cat to become infected with an internal or external parasite at some point in its lifetime. Parasites can affect your pet in a variety of ways and some parasites can be transmitted to people!

Sometimes you can see those nasty parasites in your pet's feces, but sometimes they are hidden from the naked eye. Regular fecal tests at your veterinarian's office can help catch an intestinal parasite infection your pet may have.

If you think your pet may have an intestinal parasite, please call (919) 775-4944 and set up an appointment.